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Bloom where you're planted in Sweet Home Alabama

Happy New Year!
I am sitting here thinking of all the failed New Year’s resolutions that I have made. I do not make them anymore. I am doomed to fail and get myself upset for not being successful. I have found in my older years to set smaller attainable goals. I continue to take pride in my work, give back to my community and to be a good person. I feel accomplished when I do this. We follow similar goals with RSAMCC. We plan our year to meet the goals that we want to attain. We use our motto as our guide in doing this: Good Deeds, Good Times and Good Friends!
Speaking of accomplishments, we have had our best year of supporting Wreaths across America. Thank you to all who supported Fern and her team in reaching our goal of 350 plus wreaths. We also had wonderful volunteerism from our members who laid the wreaths at the Middle Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery. With your contributions, we met our goal and helped ensure with our part that all 14,000 veterans’ gravesites had a wreath.
I would also like to give a big shout out to Addy and her committee for decorating the Summit. It is always a lot of hard work and could not be done without our volunteers. We appreciate all you do to
make our community better.
My New Year’s thoughts: A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just Blooms
(Zen Shin). Bloom - a beautiful process of becoming. (Buddha Groove)
I look forward to seeing you as you bloom in this New Year. 

Invite a friend to join us as we are always about GOOD DEEDS, GOOD TIMES and GOOD FRIENDS.

Your ever Bloomin’ President,


Your ever "Bloomin" President

Cheri Cain

RSAMCC 2021-2022


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