A Word from your President

Attitude of Gratitude!

      What a wonderful honor and privilege to be able to address all of you in
this wonderful month of November that truly allows us to enter into a
season of heartfelt thanks and giving! So perfect for a Holiday that is
celebrated around tables with food, family and thanks!
      How will you celebrate this month of not just GIVING Thanks but Showing
Thanks? Food drives? Clothing drives? Serving the hungry and homeless?
Honoring our veterans? So many opportunities.... don’t miss or waste one!
We invite you to contribute to OUR WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA as one
opportunity and to attend our upcoming November 12th evening event at
The Summit. These opportunities allow us to do both remember and
respect with gratefulness for those who have served and are still serving
both in our military and civilian workforce.
I am grateful beyond words to honor and give thanks at this time for all of
YOU, our membership. You have shown your support by attending our
activities and events and luncheons. These accomplishments are a reflection that is being guided by the purpose of WHO we are and WHOM we serve! On behalf of
the board THANK YOU!
As stated before it is a true honor and I am thankful and grateful to have
the opportunity to serve with a board who demonstrates sheer JOY in
serving all of you! These board members are talented and dedicated and are giving in all they do.

                                                                                                         Thank you

                                                                                                         Michelle Nash

                                                                                                         RSAMCC President