A Word from your President

Bloom where you're planted in Sweet Home Alabama

Hi and welcome!

Your new President here…..

We are so excited for this upcoming year. We had an outstanding year last year and we definitely made lemonade out of lemons, but that was due to the boundless energy and
teamwork from the board and volunteers that made things happen. Our momentum is full speed and we will continue with the same energy. Who knew that we would end up in north Alabama? But isn’t that the story for most of us. We plant our
roots where the military takes us and we begin to bloom. I have been a part of this community now for almost four years and I feel like I am blooming in the community both personally and professionally but like any new plants it takes time to cultivate and grow. I feel like our organization has helped me with that. I have made friends, volunteered and connected with my community through service. If you are like me, you blossom better with your friends so I challenge you to invite a friend that is new to join us. I look forward to seeing you in August at our Super Sign-up.

I have a few save the dates to add to your calendar.
Aug 17th ---Super Sign up
October 22nd – Masquerade in the Garden
April 22nd ---- Pineapple Open.
Have a wonderful summer and see you in August.

Your ever "Bloomin" President

Cheri Cain

RSAMCC 2021-2022


Poppy Front