A Word from your President

Attitude of Gratitude!

Fresh Squeezes No Hugs!

September is Labor Day centered and I would be remiss if I did not THANK so many of our board members who put forth so much work and creativity and ingenuity for the LABOR OF LOVE that was displayed at  SUPER SIGN UP 2020-2021!  We could not HUG but wanted everyone to have a fresh squeeze in the form of a lemonade stand!  We definitely made LEMONADE out of LEMONS this year!  The super sign up was a huge success and we have over 125 members both returning and new in those numbers!  I also would like to thank Kendra Scott for once again supporting and Laboring for our organization with the virtual shopping online and TO YOU members for shopping for a purpose!

Our nation, our military, our community and our families are facing challenges still of the likes we have not experienced before or seen.  This of course has extended to the RSAMCC.  Our board members and volunteers have been inventing novel means and methods to the meet the needs of our members while still ensuring the continued safety of all.  Like the rest of this GREAT nation we will be resilient,resourceful and READY to see all of you over these coming months at our luncheons, activities and special events and pop-ups!

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming luncheon dates and pop-ups since there will be limited numbers and RSVP matters much this year!

We appreciate you staying tuned on FACEBOOK and our WEBSITE and checking your email evites for the most up to date information regarding all of our upcoming events and as we all know potential changes.  Please invite along anyone who hasn’t found us as of yet.


Stay Healthy , Stay Connected, Stay Informed!


Michelle Nash

President 2020-2021

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