Monthly President's Message

Happy New Year 2020!

We hope that all of our members have had a wonderful holiday season!  I saw a very funny meme that showed a stick figure from December 1-25 feeling festive and then from December 26-31 relaxed and a bit lethargic and then January 1-5 feeling overfed, overindulged and overweight!  It made me smile and I can definitely relate to some degree.

Now it is January and that time when many of us reassess our busy lives and think about what we want to accomplish or do to balance our lives during the next year.  With that in mind we have some New Year commitments we can offer you in the way of volunteering and attending.

We are definitely ending 2019 and entering 2020 with a very strong membership growing in numbers and attendance and generosity.  Thank you to our membership for constantly giving the gift of invitation to our newest members.

Our January Members ONLY Bingo is sure to not be a missed opportunity to come and gather at the calling of numbers and letters and hear those wonderful words “WE HAVE A WINNER”.

The RSAMCC Scholarships are now LIVE and the application deadline will be closing before you know it so make sure you follow up on all the deadlines needed for that process. (Spouse, College, High School Available)

The Gala in the Garden is in full swing and we are accepting all donations that you our members would love to donate in the way of all items and monies.  If you would like to volunteer please reach out to our fundraising chair Cherie Cain whose information is on the website and on Facebook.

As always, thank you for being so supportive and engaging to support everything we are doing as we continue our mission to support our community.

I am leaving you with these words that I have found to be a great way to begin the NEW YEAR in 2020 “ Life is change, Growth is Optional. Choose Wisely.”


Michelle Nash


You're invited!

Welcome to the Redstone Arsenal Military & Civilians' Club.  It is an honor and privildge to welcome guests, new members and volunteers to our events.  We hope that you will take the time to meet 10 people at each event. Greeting and meeting others will help our club grow.  We can't wait to meet you!  

Fondly, our Hospitality team....

Renee McCaleb & Melanie Brockhard

If you are interested in joining the RSAMCC Hospitality team please call 571-225-9016


It's Gala time!  Info about the event and link to tickets below!



Merit Awards

Applications open now thru February 15th, 2020

 Community Assistance Grants 

Applications now open!!