A Word from your President

Attitude of Gratitude!

Dearest RSAMCC members,

As I write the last newsletter submission as your President for the 2020-2021 board year, I am truly filled and delighted and reflective and inspired by all that has been achieved by all of US together these last 2 years.  I have been so honored to be at the helm during these times when cancelled was the buzz word, but not for us!

Thank you for being so flexible and generous with all of the shifting and postponing and implementing as the months have come and gone.  You, our members made every event possible and continue to do so both virtually and now back in person once again.  Everyone is now in a routine of the “new different” and we really have had to adapt and connect in new creative ways and are still doing so.

Congratulations to the RSAMCC 2021-2022 Executive Board and chair positions.  They will be up and planning in no time for what is going to be “coming soon” with GALA and Golf Tournaments and monthly luncheons and all of our sub club activities.  They are all outstanding individuals and we will not be losing our momentum whatsoever since we are a board that is all about continuity.

A special acknowledgement goes to the Board of Advisors that we have been so fortunate enough to have  fill those seats of wisdom with. I am going to miss the opportunities that were provided to have some extra time with these very valued leaders.

On behalf of our board, thank you for the kind words you all have supported us with this last year and as always your over abundant generosity in time, talent and treasure.

While I am saying a “farewell” in this submission as your PRESIDENT, I will not be saying farewell as an RSAMCC member and member at large at best!  I look forward to seeing you and being with all of you once again in the upcoming months!



Michelle Nash


RSAMCC 2020-2021

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You're invited !

Join us for Super Sign up in August....

Welcome to the Redstone Arsenal Military & Civilians' Club.  It is an honor and privildge to welcome guests, new members and volunteers to our events.  We hope that you will take the time to meet 10 people at each event. Greeting and meeting others will help our club grow.  We can't wait to meet you!  

Fondly, our Hospitality team....

Renee McCaleb & Melanie Brockhard

If you are interested in joining the RSAMCC Hospitality team please call 571-225-9016

More Details soon...

The 2021-2022 RSAMCC Executive Board

President - Cherie Cain

First Vice President - Melanie Brockhard

Second Vice President - Melinda Dellert

Treasurer -  Lynette Cardo

Secretary - Leslie Kerr

Parlimentarian - Kerrie Sheppard

We are pleased to announce the installation of our 2021-2022 RSAMCC Executive Board.  Our new board is looking forward to welcoming you back in August at our Super Sign up. Many heartfelt thanks and well wishes to our amazing 2020-2021 Board. While many will stay in their positions some will be embracing new challenges in other positions or other endeavors. Our full board of chairpersons will be appointed by the President and announced at our first luncheon in the fall.  

The 2021 Gala

Masquerade Gala Poster.jpg

The Gala Date has been changed to October!

Graduation Caps

The 2020-2021 Merit & Community Grant Awards Ceremony will be held June 15th at 6pm.

All Award recipients will be notified on May 27th. Ceremony details to follow.


On Sale!!

Masks are on sale for $12 and can be ordered by emailing Fern Brazda our Ways & Means Chair at RSAMCCwaysandmeans1@gmail.com.  You can pay online thru Paypal for a small fee or pay in person with Fern when you pick up your mask.  Don't forget you must email Fern to make sure your mask is reserved! 


Military Discounts

Keyboard and Mouse

Don't forget to update your sub-club list by registering for the 2020-2021 Selections!  Register with the online form by clicking the yellow button here

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