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RSAMCC Activities Selection Form

It's time to register for the 2024-2025 Activity Groups. Even if you are a prior group member you must re-register for this year's groups.  All group memberships are included with your current RSAMCC membership and the only costs are those that are required for particular activities.  Please select which groups you would like to join. Select as many as you wish, selections indicate that you would like to receive the Evites to the events in that group and you are not committed to attending.  We only ask that you respond to the evites with your RSVP and that if your plans change you update your evite accordingly in a timely manner. This responsibility on your part is important to helping our group organizers successfully hold events as it affects our reservations and activity minimum and maximum amounts. Activity Groups are only for current 2024-2025 RSAMCC members.  For some events,  you may bring a non-member guest with you and that guest may attend 2 RSAMCC events before being required to join before attending further events if they are eligible. If it does not state guest policy in the evite, please contact the activity organizer to check if you can bring a guest.
*Very Important -Create an Evite Account with the same email you have given me and download the app to your phone to find all your evites easily and keep track of upcoming events.  It's difficult to only rely on emails when you need to go back and refer to an evite for event details.  Using your EVITE account will help immensely. 
**Note- Contact persons for the following groups is as follows....the Activities Chair Lyssa Barrow (Crafty Chicks, Lunch Bunch, Podcast Brunch & Chat, Adventurers & Day Trip Divas and the Shutterbugs), Sandra Smith (Cosmopolitan Gals), Linh Narum and Susan Jackson (Bunco), Kate Pokemire (ChickLits) and vacant (Vine and Dine).  Contact for monthly RSAMCC Luncheons at the Summit/Overlook (not lunch bunch) is RSAMCC First Vice President Marty Clark.

Below is a brief description of each activity.   If you wish to join that group please click on the box under that section. You will start receiving emails from Evite in August and September for those groups.  If after a month, you do not receive evites for a group you signed up for you can contact Lyssa at Remember to join all the groups individual Facebook groups so you will have another source of info on our events. And don't forget to join our RSAMCC Community Facebook group for all members that want to share and keep up with all the happenings in this wonderful town!  

Lunch Bunch

Lunch bunch usually gets together on the 3rd Wednesday of each month to sample local dining venues in our area!    Try out some new places or enjoy some old favorites with us!


If you love a good book, join the RSAMCC ChickLits.  This is a “no pressure book club” so pick and choose which books we’ve selected that you wish to read but join us either way to hear what others think of the monthly book selection as well as what other books we’ve all been reading that we absolutely love. We will usually meet at coffee houses or breakfast places

on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 10 am.

Crafty Chicks 

Crafty Chicks meets at various locations around town to try our hands at various artistic projects.  From painting to pottery, glass blowing to stained glass and beyond, we have a great time trying new things together and bringing home our creations.  Craft club meets once a month on a weekday with date and time changing each month. Registration is sometimes required and costs vary.


Our Adventures enjoys monthly treks, climbs and paddles!  Join us for fun walks, beautiful hikes, kayaking and much more! We explore near and far.  Our meet up dates vary but are usually on weekdays either before lunch or early afternoon. 

Day Trip Divas

Our Day Trip Divas enjoy local and regional outings from boating, to museums, to day trips to Florence, Nashville or Chattanooga. We also go holiday shopping.  We hope you can join our monthly outings which vary on dates and times but are usually on a weekday. Come explore with us! 

Fun with Fido..

Fun with Fido is our canine social group.  Join us for walks around town or hikes up the mountain.  We ask that Fur babies who join us are friendly to other dogs (and humans too), social and healthy and are up to date on their vaccinations and heart worm prevention. Flea and Tick treatment is requested. Pups will be on leash for our walks. You must have a signed consent form to attend your first Fun with Fido.  Our weekday meeting dates will vary each month as will the time depending on temps. If you just want to come hang out with a bunch of cute dogs, feel free to sign up even without a fur baby.

Cosmopolitan Gals

Our Cosmopolitan Gals share friendship with all RSAMCC members who come from near and far.  Whether you are from lands far away or just have a passion for this great big world, please join us for our lunches (We'll have several during the year and dates will vary. 

Vine and Dine

Vine and Dine is a wine tasting group and will be held at local venues around Huntsville .  Enjoy good wine, good food and good friends! Evening Meeting days and times will vary as will costs for each event. Vine and Dine will only continue if we find a coordinator. 


Bunco meets the last Wednesday of each month except in November/December. RSVP is required and numbers are limited. An evite will be sent out for each month's bunco. It's $10 to play Bunco and $3 to play LCR. If you have never played don’t worry!  It’s easy!  A light lunch and refreshments are served and often times is a pot luck.   

Podcast Brunch & Chat

The Podcast Brunch and Chat members can listen to fun themed podcast segments each month. Then we will meet for brunch and enjoy discussing all that we listened to.  This is a no pressure to listen club so even if you only listened to a few or even none, come and enjoy the chat with us! The theme is always interesting!  Meeting days will be the 4th Thursday of the month at 10am.  Our September meeting will be to pick our themes for the year.


The Shutterbugs are the new RSAMCC photography group.  We'll meet in September for a quick overview on basic camera skills and then meet once a month to "focus" on special types of photography and play with our camera settings and explore Huntsville.  Some themes will be Nature, landscape, water, street photography and more!  Meeting dates will either be set by the group in September or vary.

Community Volunteers

The RSAMCC Community Volunteers is a group for those interested in giving back to our community on a regular basis.  It encompasses our motto Good Deeds, Good Times, Good Friends!  Each month or two, we'll have an organized volunteer day with a local organization or event where we go out as a group and volunteer.  Dates and times will vary from weekdays to weekends.  We hope you'll join us!

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