The Activity Groups

We are looking forward to getting to know you all this year while providing you with a nice variety of fun things to do! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

You will be receiving more specific information (such as dates and times) shortly about the activities that you have signed up for. Those emails will come directly from the RSAMCC gmail accounts. We also have facebook groups for each activity group and if you would like to be added to those please contact the chairperson.  It's another way of getting info out and save the dates posted.  All activities group members will receive evites to each event for each group they signed up for. Please RSVP to these evites. Downloading the evite app will help you keep your invitations organized. 

You can still sign up for our groups at any time! Just contact the chairperson at the email above and we will add you on the list!


Fun fact : RSAMCC adopted the beloved pineapple as our emblem as it represents Hospitality and we always want to welcome our members to our club.  But did you know that the pineapple is neither a pine nor an apple but a fruit consisting of many berries that have grown together just as our members have grown together as we spend time having fun and meeting up forming one "collective fruit"!  So its just another way that the pineapple is perfect as our emblem!  

Activities Pineapple Transparent .png
Activities Pineapple Transparent .png


Usually meets the last Wednesday of each month except in November/December. RSVP is required for set up. An e-vite will be sent out for each month's bunco. If you are interested in hosting please contact the activities chair. 

Join us for Bunco and LCR!  Bring $10 to play Bunco and $3 to play LCR. If you have never played don’t worry!  It’s easy!  A light lunch and refreshments will be served.   Please RSVP via the evite, Facebook group invite or by email or text.


Bunco on October 27th

Lunch Bunch

Lunch bunch gets together on the 3rd Wednesday of each month to sample local dining venues in our area!  Try out some new places or enjoy some old favorites with us!

RSVP's are required for planning purposes.  Please RSVP to your evite, or by Facebook post, email or text. 

Lunch Bunch will be at Agave & Rye on October 20th


If you love a good book, join the RSAMCC ChickLits.  This is a “no pressure book club” so pick and choose which books we’ve selected that you wish to read but join us either way to hear what others think of the monthly book selection as well as what other books we’ve all been reading that we absolutely love. Grab a bite to eat and some coffee or tea while we discuss.

We usually meet at a coffee shop or bakery on the 2ndMonday of the month at 10 am but dates can vary so check dates monthly. 

ChickLits will be at StoveHouse on October 11th

Crafty Chicks

Crafty Chicks meets are various locations around town to try our hands at various artistic projects.  From painting to pottery, glass blowing to stained glass and beyond, we have a great time trying new things together and bringing home our creations.

Crafty Chicks meets once a month with date and time changing each month. Registration is sometimes required and costs vary.


Crafty Chicks will be at LD Creations on October 19th


Our Adventurers Group enjoys monthly treks, climbs and paddles!  Join us for fun walks, beautiful hikes, kayaking and even a little indoor rock climbing!  Our meet up dates vary but are usually on weekdays before lunch. 


Adventurers will be at SOAR on October 15th

Day Trip Divas

Our Day Trip Divas enjoy local and regional outings from lunch and Axe throwing, to museums, to day trips to Florence, Nashville or Ft. Payne.  We hope you can join our monthly outings which vary on dates and times. Come explore with us! 


Day Trip Divas' Outing is The Huntsville Ghost Walk on October 4th

Cosmopolitan Group

Our Cosmopolitan Gals share friendship with all RSAMCC members who come from near and far.  Whether you are from lands far away or just have a passion for this great big world, please join us for our lunchtime meetings the last Thursday of each month at 11am. 


Cosmopolitan Gals will be dining October 28th


Fun with Fido

Fun with Fido is our canine social group.  Join us for walks around town or romps at the dog parks.  We ask that Fur babies who join us are friendly to other dogs (and humans too), social and healthy and are up to date on their vaccinations and heart worm prevention. Flea and Tick treatment is requested. We will be on leash for walks, and request leashes be 6 ft or less. Bring your own poop bags and pick up after your dogs.  We will meet the 1st Wednesday of each month at 9:00 am until the weather cools and then we will push it back to a later time.


Fun with Fido will be at Swan Creek park October 1st


Vine and Dine

Our evening activitiy group is a wine tasting club and is held at local venues around Huntsville.  Enjoy good wine, good food and good friends! 


Vine and Dine will be October 29th


Podcast Brunch & Chat

Our newest Activity Group will be a podcast discussion group.  We'll meet up for brunch once a month to chat about the 5 latest podcasts on our monthly lists. We'll focus on wellness for this coming year.


Podcast Brunch & Chat will be at Another Broken Egg on  October 25th

Buffet Table

Entertaining With Friends

One of our newest Activity Groups!  Step out of your comfort zone or maybe relish your comfort zone with this group of party planners.  Work within a theme to create a wonderful lunch withy some of the your other group members.  Space is limited as teams are built for 6 luncheons this year so no more than 18 regular members will be part of this group.  So it is first come first serve on signing up but it is a commitment .  W will have a sub list for cancellations.  


Entertaining with Friends is on hold until further notice

Have an idea for an activity group?

Send an email to our Activities Chair Lyssa Barrow with your idea!  

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