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A Word from your President

" The One Where..."

Happy February,
“Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.” Jean de La Fontaine. As we continue with our FRIENDS theme, there is nothing more meaningful than a true friend. I like to think we are connecting people through our social activities for true friendship. Most of my friendships throughout the years have come from clubs like this all over the world. I love that we can share some extra special love with our partners
in crime whether it be our spouses, significant others or the friends that are close to our hearts. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and friendship.
We continue to stay busy planning for our upcoming events and activities. The special Vine and Dine at the Ledges night with a French theme is our next big event on March 8th followed by The Pineapple Open on April 21st. Be sure to stop by the volunteer/fundraiser table when you attend our next luncheon or our website for details. We would love for you to join us and be a part of a committee. Committee meetings are on the RSAMCC website calendar. We are also moving ahead and planning our next board year. We would love for you to be involved. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions on how to be more involved.

Remember, love is in the air through Good Deeds, Good Times and Good Friends.


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You're Invited

Ways and Means stationary.JPG

Ways and Means is now taking orders for the large print of Big Spring Park.  There are still card sets available for purchase and ornaments as well.  Please contact Marty at
Mugs, glasses and white house ornaments have been discounted!
2023 Wreath sponsorships are also available...Shop now!

Graduation Caps

2022-2023 Merit Award Application is now open

For more information on edibility, deadlines etc. as well as the application form please click below

The 2022-2023 Community Assistance Application is now open

For more information on edibility, deadlines etc. as well as the application form please click below

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Please bring your donations to our February Luncheon

RSAMCC and our Community Outreach Committee want to SHARE THE LOVE at our February Luncheon with these two worthy organizations. Please consider brining items on these lists.  If you will not be attending the luncheon, you can deliver to any of the activity group events prior to the luncheon.  

New Futures list.JPG

Join the 2023-2024 RSAMCC Executive Board

RSAMCC is now accepting Executive Board Applications for 2023-2024. Only a desire to serve is needed (no experience needed).  Any RSAMCC member in good standing may apply. Position Descriptions are in the Constitution and Bylaws. Applications due by February 28th.

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The RSAMCC Board

Is looking for 2023-2024 General Board members

Board Photo 2022-2023 (2 of 2)-2.jpg

To find out how you can help our organiztion, Have a chat with Cherie about joining the General Board!

Pineapple open teaser flyer.PNG

Join the RSAMCC in our biggest fundraiser of the year!  Planning meetings have started and tickets go on sale February 14th!
We are actively seeking sponsors for this popular tournament!
More info on our Pineapple Open page...

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For a limited time only...while supplies last.

Order now and pick up at the Next Luncheon!

The RSAMCC Glasses

For a limited time only...we don't have many left! 

Order now and pick up at the Next Luncheon!

Image by Todd Cravens



Please bring to the February Luncheon

or to any of the Activity Groups before February 28th!

2022-2023 Luncheon program revised.jpg

Could We Be Anymore Excited about this Year's Luncheons?!

Vendors are needed for our

2022-2023 events! We are taking Luncheon Vendor applications.

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Join the Activity Groups!

Fill out your Activity Selection Form today!  All new and past members must fill out a form each year to renew their selections.  Evites will stop coming in October if no new form has been submitted since June. All Activity group members must also be current RSAMCC members with a current membership and dues paid.

Our 2021-2022 Bloomin'  RSAMCC Year 

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