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How to get here...

You must have base access to be a vendor.  If you do not already have base access you can visit the Gate 9 Visitor Center to request a recreational pass that is good for 1 year.  You must show your driver's license and fill out paperwork.  Please do this prior to the day of your event and make sure you are aware of the pass expiration date so you can renew before needing it again.

gate 9 visitor center.JPG

GATE 9 Visitor Center

Please visit the Visitor Center Prior to the date of your event!  It can be very busy and take some time to get your pass. 

The Visitor Center is located on Rideout Road where HWY 255 turns into the road that leads to Gate 9 of RSA.  Turn Right at the first light onto Redstone Gateway SW and then left onto Market St.. The entrance to the Visitor Center will be on your left.

The Summit

Located at 130 Golf Course Rd. Most of our Luncheons that have vendors will be held at the Summit on Redstone Arsenal.  It is located off of Golf Course Rd. which is across from Fox Army Health Center on Goss Rd..  Occasionally an event is held at the Overlook and that is located just past the Summit at the end of Golf Course Rd.

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