Community Assistance Grants 

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2019-2020 RSAMCC Community Assistance Grant Applications- Coming soon!



PLEASE NOTE: Merit Award Scholarship and Community Assistance Grant Applications are now open. Applications will be accepted until date tbd.

Instructions: Due to the computer upload nature of our application, it is suggested that you obtain all required documentation prior to starting your online application as the process does not allow an applicant to save and reopen for future entries. See needed items listed below. You may read and print instructions prior to opening application.  You may open application to read without submitting information and then revisit to make entries and submit application.

The Redstone Arsenal Military & Civilians’ Club (RSAMCC) is a volunteer organization that “salutes” those who have served our country and promotes education and social welfare. We recognize we have an obligation to use our funds wisely and to ensure that we donate to organizations that reflect our mission values, practice good stewardship, and meet the needs of the local military and its community. The RSAMCC is a small organization; therefore, our funds are limited. There are many worthy causes that deserve support. We use the following criteria in making funding decisions. Please provide as much detailed information as possible (such as purpose, program brochures, materials, website, social media, etc…) to aid in the decision-making process.

RSAMCC Community Assistance gives priority to grant requests for Projects/Events that:

Support 10% or more active duty military, veterans, DoD civilians, their families, and their community. (Note: The requesting organization’s mission does not have to specifically/only focus on the military and it’s community; just the project/event for which funds are being requested.)
Must be within 50 mile radius to Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.
Impact multiple people, not just an individual.
Reflect excellence, innovation, and effectiveness. Meet practical and tangible needs.
Limitations: Donations will NOT be provided to/for the following:  

Individuals (only organizations)
Normal operating expenses (including salaries, overhead, office supplies, and/or advertising)
Political parties or activities
Completed expenditures
Goods or services that could be obtained using appropriated funds (for example food and beverage)
Eligibility: To be considered for a Community Assistance Grant, the following guidelines must be followed:

A completed Community Assistance Grant Application must accompany all requests for donations from RSAMCC.
The Community Assistance Grant Application must be received/time stamped by the deadlines listed in the instructions.
Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.  
Funds must be used within 90 days of receipt of grant check. Grant checks can only be made to an organization account not an individual. If any portion of the received funding is no longer needed for the requested purpose, unused funds will be returned to RSAMCC.
Funds donated must be used for the sole purpose for which they were requested and may not be used to fund other needs not identified in the original request.
If denied during one Block (Fall/Spring) Grant, an organization may re-apply for the next Block Grant IF there are two cycles in one board year (June 1-May 31).

Completed Applications must be submitted and time stamped by the deadline or they will be rejected.

The following information should be gathered for the on-line application:

Grant project/event name, date, target population, number of participants impacted
Percentage of military, veterans, DoD civilians and/or their families impacted
Complete description of project/event and how it addresses need of military, veterans, DoD civilians, and/or their families
Funding: amount requested, total cost of project/event, specifically how funds will be utilized, amount paid by participants, amount received from other fundraisers/organizations
Facility physical address (if applicable), mailing address, organization name for check payable if grant received, email, phone number, organization website address,
Tax ID Number, if applicable
If mailing any supporting documentation, please send it to:

Attention: Community Assistance Grants
P.O. Box 8113
Huntsville, AL 35808-0113

Questions regarding the 2019-2020 Community Assistance Grant Application should be directed to Suzanne O’Donell, RSAMCC Community Assistance Grant Chairperson at email

To download the instructions, click HERE.

Note: The RSAMCC is a private organization not affiliated with Redstone Arsenal or the U.S. Army.