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Event Vendors

Registration Form & Payment Forms below

Vendors will be needed for our 2024-2025 events!

RSAMCC welcomes our community of small business vendors. Vendor registration is closed for this year but will open up again in July. Vendors fees for RSAMCC members are $15 per luncheon with a $10 value gift donated for door prizes and for non-members vendor fees are $25 per luncheon with a $10 value gift donated for our door prizes. This does not include the price of lunch.


If you are interested in becoming a vendor at one of our RSAMCC events please read the details carefully below and fill out the Registration form below to submit online. All vendors will be cleared through Redstone Arsenal MWR.

The form will open up in July. Once you complete it you will receive confirmation from our Vendor Coordinator that your application has been approved,


Each month that you will be a vendor you must return to this page and fill out the payment form at the bottom of the page.  You have the option to pay your vendor fee online via credit card (thru PayPal but no acct is required) or pay by mail (see instructions in your confirmation email.


 If you have trouble filling out the forms, please try a different device. Some browsers are not compatible with Wix Forms. Example:  If the phone doesn't work, use your computer or vice versa. 

Scroll down to the first form to register (only once)

Scroll down to the last form to pay (each month you participate)

Become an RSAMCC Luncheon & Event Vendor

Vendor Applications are currently closed but will open in July for 2024-2025

 If you would like to be a vendor at any of our luncheons, Holiday Market or Super Sign Up, fill out the registration form below and click the submit button. Once you submit the online form you will receive a confirmation of your submission email from us. Please check your spam folder if it does not show up.  By selecting the particular event dates at the bottom of the form, you are merely indicating that you wish our vendor coordinator to contact you about those dates (this does not confirm your participation in that particular event).  Sandy will email you to confirm if you wish to participate that particular month.  You must respond to her email to confirm by her deadline or you will not be registered for that month. 

Each month for which you are a vendor, you must return to the bottom of this page to pay your vendor fee via the Payment form. Don't forget to pay the vendor fee for each luncheon, only after you have received an email confirming your participation from Sandy for that month (Sandy is our Vendor Coordinator). If you need to contact her, email her at

*Remember after filling out the form you must scroll to the bottom of the form and click the submit button

Do you require electric outlets?

The vendor fee for each event is $15 for RSAMCC members plus a $10 retail item. The fee for non-members is $25 plus a $10 retail item. The $10 item will be used as a door prize. You will pay with a separate form each month that you participate.

The vendor fee covers a table and two chairs. 

 Regular Luncheon Schedule

Set up: 9:45am

Contract Period: 11:00am-1pm

 Holiday Luncheon Schedule

Set up: 9:15am

Contract Period: 10:30am-1pm

Super Sign Up Schedule

Set up: 9:45am

Contract Period: 11:00am-1:30pm

Are you a current 2023-24 RSAMCC member?

If you need base access, prior to the day of the event, go to the RSA Gate 9 Visitor Center and request a recreation badge.  You will need your DL.  They are open Mon. thru Fri. 7am to 3pm. It can be very busy so please do not wait until the day of. 

I/We agree to participate in RSAMCC luncheons & events for 2023-2024. As a vendor at the events, I understand that the $15/$25 per event business vendor fee will be considered a private donation for the benefit of the RSAMCC and not for the Redstone Arsenal or the U.S. Army. Participation by my business does not indicate endorsement of my business by Redstone Arsenal or the Department of the Army.  I acknowledge and agree that I must wait for approval and notification before each event before paying for any vendor fees as no refunds are guaranteed if I do not follow the vendor approval and payment process outlined in instructions above. 

If you are not an RSAMCC member, please visit our website at to pay your lunch reservation if you plan to join us for the meal and email to tell them you are a vendor and will be purchasing a meal. If you are an RSAMCC member respond to your EVITE and pay for your meal.  The deadline to RSVP for a guaranteed meal is 12pm the Friday prior to the event. Lunch cost is $21. 

Once you are approved, payment for your vendor fee must be received before the event. You can pay via credit card via the form at the bottom of this page (our preferred method) or you can mail a check made out to RSAMCC (must be received prior to the event) with vendor and business name written in the memo to:


Attn. Treasurer

PO BOX 8113

Huntsville, AL 35808

For further information, Sandy can be reached at (703) 795-4948, or visit 

******If for any reason your organization can't come, please let Sandy know at least 24 hours in advance. This will give us time to invite other organizations who are on the waiting list.******  There are no refunds unless we can find a replacement vendor for you.

Request your dates here by marking the ones you would like to attend. Please note that a request is not a guaranteed spot. If multiple requests are put in from the same company or for very similar products, the first form received will get the opportunity and the rest will be put on the waiting list. 

Vendor dates you wish to attend

Thanks for submitting!

This form no longer accepts submissions.

Event Vendor Fee Payment




STOP! DO NOT PROCEED unless you have received confirmation from our vendor coordinator that you are accepted for the event that you will be paying for.  No refunds are guaranteed if you do not follow our vendor approval process.  We have limited space at each event and past approval is not indicative of acceptance at future events. Contact our coordinator if you are in doubt.

To pay for your vendor fee each month you are accepted to participate with us, please complete the payment form below (just for the current month). After you click submit, you will see an information confirmation page. After you accept that you will be given the option to pay via PayPal with a credit card or your PayPal acct. or to pay by manual payment (check or cash).   RSAMCC members have a different fee than non-members. Select the button in the form that applies to you. If you are eligible to join RSAMCC, we'd love to have you as a member.  Just go to the Join page on this website to find our membership form and eligibility requirements and then come back and complete this form. 

Once you pay for your vendor fee online you will receive an email from PayPal (POWR) to confirm your payment. 

The vendor fee does not include lunch.  If you wish to purchase a lunch ($20) and you are a member, please RSVP to your evite and pay thru the invitation link. If you are not a member, but wish to purchase a lunch ($20), please email our reservations chair before the prior Friday and let her know you will be having lunch (  Then go to our Luncheon Payment Page under activities on this website to pay for your luncheon (Note: there is not a luncheon for super sign up but refreshments will be served at no charge).

*Remember after filling out the form you must scroll to the bottom of the form and click the submit button

There will be no more Vendor events for the remainder of the 2023-24 RSAMCC year.  Vendor events will start up again for the 2024-25 RSAMCC year with Super Sign Up in August. Check back in July to register as a vendor and make your Super Sign Up Vendor Payment.

Luncheon Event Vendor Payment
Which Event is this for?
Credit Card
Select Your Vendor Fee

This is for a single RSAMCC vendor event.  No refunds will be given unless we can find another vendor to fill your spot. I understand that I must have confirmation from the RSAMCC vendor coordinator for each event before paying the fee.   

Thanks for your payment registration!

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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