Vendors Needed When We Return to our New Normal!

RSAMCC welcomes our community of small business vendors.  If you are interested in becoming a vendor at one of our RSAMCC events, please click on the link below to download the vendor application or fill out the fillable form below to submit online.  You have the option to pay your vendor fee online via Paypal once your request is approved.  Please note that if you choose to pay online you are agreeing to pay the nominal fee charged by Paypal.  It will be included in your total at checkout.

Please note that we are pleased to be inviting our vendors back when we return to our Luncheons. We look forward to our March, April and May Luncheons. The number of vendors is limited due to health regulations at our luncheons. 

Become an RSAMCC Vendor

Fill out the form below and click the submit button. However, If you wish to print, scan and email the form see the yellow vendor form button above to download our print version.

Don't forget to pay the vendor fee once you have been confirmed by Sandy our Vendor Coordinator.

If you need to contact her, email her at

Do you require electric outlets?

The vendor fee is $15 for members plus a $10 retail item. The fee for non-members is $25 plus a $10 retail item. The $10 item will be used as a door prize. The vendor fee covers a table and one chair. 

Set up: 9:15am

Contract Period: 10:30am-1pm

Are you a current RSAMCC member?
Do you need a pass to access Redstone Arsenal?

I/We agree to participate in RSAMCC luncheon events for 2020-2021. As a vendor at the events, I understand that the $15/$25 per event business vendor fee will be considered a private donation for the benefit of the RSAMCC and not for the Redstone Arsenal or the U.S. Army. Participation by my business does not indicate endorsement of my business by Redstone Arsenal or the Department of the Army. 

If you are not an RSAMCC member, please visit our website at to pay your lunch reservation if you plan to join us for the meal and email to tell them you are a vendor and will be purchasing a meal. If you are an RSAMCC member respond to your EVITE and pay for your meal.  The deadline to RSVP for a guaranteed meal is 12pm the Friday prior to the event. Lunch cost is $18 for members.. 

Once you are approved, payment for your vendor fee must be received before the event. You can pay above thru paypal by clicking on the Vendor Fee link or you can mail a check made out to RSAMCC with vendor written in the memo to:


Attn. Treasurer

PO BOX 8113

Huntsville, AL 35808

For further information, Sandy can be reached at (703) 795-4948, or visit 

******If for any reason your organization can't come, please let Sandy know at least 24 hours in advance. This will give us time to invite other organizations who are on the waiting list.****** 

Request your dates here by marking the ones you would like to attend. Please note that a request is not a guaranteed spot. If multiple requests are put in from the same company or for very similar products, the first form received will get the opportunity and the rest will be put on the waiting list. We have a limited amount of vendors this year due to restrictions placed on the venue to keep with health ordinances.  Vendors must wear a mask when required. 

Vendor dates you wish to attend

Thanks for submitting!