Good Deeds.

Good Times.

Good Friends.

Welcome to our returning members and a special welcome to our newest and potential  members! We have a great board this year, and you won’t want to miss the great activities we have in store for you.

I hope you enjoy our website. I look forward to meeting you at our next luncheon.

Michelle Nash,
Redstone Arsenal Military & Civilians’ Club




The goals of Redstone Arsenal Military & Civilians’ Club (RSAMCC) include fostering and preserving good fellowship; providing educational, cultural, and fun activities for our membership while maintaining our military roots; and empowering our members through camaraderie and networking. RSAMCC is open to everyone connected to Redstone Arsenal with independent gate access who wish to promote community assistance and support community activities through fundraising. Redstone Arsenal Military and Civilians’ Club (RSAMCC) is a private non-profit organization not affiliated with the U.S. Army or Redstone Arsenal

Our membership opportunities are inclusive and diverse.  We welcome members from all backgrounds and encourage community partnership. Many of our members bring a flair of international experience and cultural enrichment to our events.

Because we also focus on social welfare, the RSAMCC offers both social events and those intended to better our community on and off post. We encourage everyone to join and be a part of an organization that is committed to the ideal that we are better together.

Membership is $25 per person or $35 per couple and is available to all eligible participants. More information can be found on our  membership form.

Our new board year promises a myriad of fabulous volunteer opportunities.  Volunteering is at the heart of our organization and is the perfect opportunity to make a difference in our community and show our commitment to our values all while enjoying new friendships and camaraderie.  This year we are forming a pool of volunteers.  When you sign up for the pool, you will receive an email invite to participate in various activities.  The choice is yours, whether to sign-up or not.  We hope you do!

RSAMCC 2020-2021 Membership Drive

Join RSAMCC today online!

We can't wait to see all our members again in August at our Super Sign up on the 18th as well as all our new members! Details will go out a couple of weeks beforehand.

*Please see the note at the top of the form for tips on submitting your form. 

Image by Randy Fath

Welcome to the Redstone Arsenal Military & Civilians' Club.  It is an honor and privilege to welcome our members to our March event.  We hope that you will take the time to meet 10 people at each event. Greeting and meeting others will help our club grow.  We can't wait to meet you!  

Fondly, our Hospitality team....

Renee McCaleb & Melanie Brockhard

If you are interested in joining the RSAMCC Hospitality team please call 571-225-9016

We look forward to seeing everyone at Super Sign up August 18th

RSAMCC 2020 Merit Award Winners

Hunter Hotaling

University of Tennessee

$2,250 RSAMCC Merit Award

We are pleased to announce the installation of our 2020-2021 RSAMCC Executive Board.  While this is normally done at our May Luncheon, we needed to find a creative way to hold this special ceremony, so we have had the ceremony on a special online meeting which includes our symbolic passing the torch candle ceremony.  Below is a video of our ceremony for our members viewing pleasure! We had some technical glitches on the video portion so you might not be able to see all of the members for the whole video, but the audio is fully in tact.  Our new board is looking forward to welcoming you back in person as soon as possible. Many heartfelt thanks and well wishes to our amazing 2019-2020 Board, as some move on to different towns and/or different endeavors. Our full board of chairpersons will be appointed by the President and announced at our first luncheon in the fall.  

Board Installation
2020-2021 RSAMCC Board Installation

Photos are now available in our event photo gallery

Things to do this month....

Join us at the 1818 Farms Bloom Stroll

$2,250 RSAMCC Merit Award

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