Pineapple Open Golf Scramble Registration

To register, please fill out the information in this page form and submit.  It is recommended that you use a computer and not a mobile device to register.  After submitting, please pay your registration fee on the payment page or follow the other payment directions. You must scroll down and click on continue to get thru all 3 pages and then you must click submit to register.  After submitting, you should receive a confirmation email (check your spam folder if you do not see one ...it may have sender as POWR).  Payment receipt will come from Paypal if you paid online.Thank you.

Please let us know how you are registering:

This section is only for those team members that you are registering (paying) for. If you are playing on a team or teams, please list all other team members that you are registering (and thus paying) for.  You can register and pay for up to 2 teams (8 members).  YOU ARE PLAYER 1, DO  NOT RELIST YOUR NAME. If you are NOT registering (paying) for your team members you can list them in  the next section as part of your team.

Please list those other team players here that you are NOT personally registering (paying) for so that we can make sure to have you all on the same team: